» » » Buterbrodna cooked first-grade sausage

Buterbrodna cooked first-grade sausage

Ingredients: raw meat 70% (trimmed semi-fat pork, deboned broiler chicken meat, pork side lard), drinking water, mechanically deboned poultry meat, protein stabilizer from pork skin (pork skin, drinking water), protein-fat emulsion (raw beef tallow, drinking water, soy protein), potato starch, table salt, taste and aroma mixture (stabilizers E 450, E 451, spice extracts (red pepper, black pepper), dextrose, antioxidant E 316, yeast extract), aroma mixture (grilled meat flavoring, maltodextrin, table salt, taste and aroma enhancer E 621, thickener E 414, antioxidant E 307), stabilizer E 250.

Nutritional value per 100 g of product: fats - 19 g, of which saturated - 6.3 g, carbohydrates - 2.4 g, of which sugar - 0 g, proteins - 10 g, salt - 1.8 g.

Energy value per 100 g of product - 913.8 kJ/221 kcal.

Storage conditions: store at a temperature from 0°С to 6°С and with relative air humidity (75±5)%.

The sausage meets the requirements of TU U10.1-37210306-002:2016.

Inedible casing.

Netto weight: 450g (minus 3%)