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Korolivska Pork Neck

Meat delicacy product. Raw smoked top-grade Korolivska Pork Neck

Ingredients: meat (pork 100%), table salt, spicy aromatic mixture (table salt, dextrose, flavor intensifier E 621, antioxidant E 301, preservative E 252, spices: garlic, spice extracts: clove and black pepper), starter culture (microorganisms, dextrose), color stabilizer E 250.

Nutritional (food) value per 100 g of product: proteins - 11 g, fats - 30 g.

Energy value (caloricity) per 100 g of product - 1313.8 kJ (314 kcal).

Storage conditions: store at a temperature from 0°С to 4°С, and relative air humidity from 70% to 80%.

The shelf life is not more than 30 days from the production date.

The product meets the requirements of TU U15.1-30183690-023-2006.