» » » Podilski first-grade sausages

Podilski first-grade sausages

Ingredients: raw meat 72% (trimmed semi-fat pork, deboned broiler chicken meat, pork side lard), drinking water, mechanically deboned poultry meat, protein stabilizer from pork skin (pork skin, drinking water), potato starch, semolina, table salt, dry multicomponent mixture for meat products (taste and aroma enhancer E 621; acidity regulator E 451; maltodextrin; sugar; natural garlic spice; table salt; flavorings: pork, savory; antioxidant E 316; natural spice extracts: garlic, nutmeg, cardamom), stabilizer E 250.

Nutritional value per 100 g of product: fats - 19 g, of which saturated - 6 g, carbohydrates - 5 g, of which sugar - 0 g, proteins - 10 g, salt - 1.9 g.

Energy value per 100 g of product - 958 kJ/231 kcal.

Storage conditions: store at a temperature from 0°С to 6°С and with relative air humidity from 75% to 78%.

The sausages meet the requirements of TU U15.1-33480284-014:2007. Inedible casing.